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Ekta integrates real-world businesses and properties into our blockchain ecosystem, creating value and purpose for both worlds. Ekta is a Sanskrit name that means integrity and unity for all people. 

Ekta’s vision is to bridge blockchain with the physical world to enable profit with purpose and improve people’s lives and the natural world around us.

Ekta’s mission is to leverage blockchain technology to onboard the 95% of the world’s population that’s not yet on-chain through clear utility and value.

Ekta is pioneering the way towards mass adoption and spearheading blockchain’s crossing of the chasm. 



EKTA-Metatrees is seeking a talented 3D Animator who has a deep passion for video games. We would love someone who has a great eye for detail and is always striving to push their skills and work to the highest-level balancing productivity with quality. The candidate should have an excellent understanding of the principles of animation as well as high-level skills in 3D animation software, preferably on the top tools in the industry such as 3ds Max, motion builder, or blender. But most importantly can seamlessly work with a team of highly motivated individuals in achieving company goals.


Job Responsibilities

  • Take the objects created by our 2D and 3D artists and breathe life into them by making them move, creating keyframes for animated sequences showing motion by using advanced animation techniques adding personality, emotion, and realism to the game.
  • Support the creative thought process by using illustrations during creative briefings.
  • Leads the development of animation assets to support MetaTrees’ creative vision. 
  • Heads the updating of asset libraries to store animation assets created for future projects and reference.
  • Study script, storyboards, and concept art to understand the animation requirements.
  • Study the motion required for characters created from concept to communicate to teams.
  • Identify tools and pipeline requirements for assigned work
  • Present animated sequences to the creative leadership for review.
  • Refine animated sequences based on inputs from the creative leadership
  • Support the creation of the project plan for the team by providing time estimates for specific tasks.
  • Should be capable of forming new creative ideas as well as have an eye for creative detail to be able to critique ideas.


Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, fine art, animation, computer graphics, or relevant field
  • 3 -5 years of experience
  • Blockchain, Crypto, NFT experience/understanding
  • Excellent verbal, writing, and communication skills
  • Attention to detail, takes initiative, critical thinker, and problem-solver
  • Should also be a team player, be well-spoken, and be skilled in collaboration


Bonus Skills

  • Wide-ranging knowledge of gaming trends.
  • Experience working with collaborative software and systems such, but not limited to:
    • Google Drive, Google suite of productivity apps
    • Slack
    • JIRA, Asana is plus

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