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About Ekta

Ekta integrates real-world businesses and properties into our blockchain ecosystem, creating value and purpose for both worlds. Ekta is a Sanskrit name that means integrity and unity for all people. 

Ekta’s vision is to bridge blockchain with the physical world to enable profit with purpose and improve people’s lives and the natural world around us.

Ekta’s mission is to leverage blockchain technology to onboard the 95% of the world’s population that’s not yet on-chain through clear utility and value.

Ekta is pioneering the way towards mass adoption and spearheading blockchain’s crossing of the chasm. 



EKTA-Metatrees is seeking a talented Concept Artist who has a deep passion for video games. Someone who has a great eye for detail and is always striving to push their skills and work to the highest-level balancing productivity with quality. The candidate we are looking for is an imaginative concept artist to develop and visualizes ideas. In this role, you will consult with the team, interpret the concepts for the project, and translate the briefs into visual artworks.


Concept Artist Responsibilities:

  • Collaborating with the project team to brainstorm and interpret the project brief.
  • Researching relevant project material including translation styles, characters, and similar projects.
  • Present concepts, research, and references to the project team.
  • Interpreting initial ideas and creating quick sketch drafts for review.
  • Creating detailed concept designs in a variety of mediums specific to the brief such as 2D drawings or 3D renders.
  • Participating in feedback consultations and nothing changes.
  • Developing characters, environments, props, and designs based on feedback.
  • Manage project timelines and schedules and report any issues to the supervisor.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest design trends and advancements in technology.


Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, fine art, animation, computer graphics, or relevant field
  • 3 -5 years of experience
  • Excellent sketching abilities for rough conceptualization.
  • Blockchain, Crypto, NFT experience/understanding
  • Excellent verbal, writing, and communication skills
  • Attention to detail, takes initiative, critical thinker, and problem-solver
  • Should also be a team player, be well-spoken, and be skilled in collaboration
  • Ability to deliver high-quality artwork against tight deadlines.
  • Willingness to learn new software programs and tools.


Bonus Skills

  • Wide-ranging knowledge of gaming trends.
  • Experience working with collaborative software and systems such, but not limited to:
    • Google Drive, Google suite of productivity apps
    • Slack
    • JIRA, Asana is plus

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