Chapter 3:

Brewing Storm

In a cold, dark, wet chamber deep inside the mountain sits a towering figure, eyes filed with rage, hunched over a large rock that has been carved into a throne. Black smoke slowly rising, emanating from his body.

"e-e-eXcuSe mI lOrD gReeD, bUt YoUr aRmor iz doNe," said a little disfigured monster creature as he knelt down in all four legs trembling in fear.

"Wherrrre arrrre my thrrreee brrothersss?" The figure finally speaks, menace and hate filling his voice.

"tHey hAvE goNe huNntinG aGaiN mI lOrD, GLuttOn, aLwaYs HuNgry. AlWaYs eAtIng...viRUs aLwaYs lOOkinG foR vIctiM,..." the terrified servant replies in his squeaky voice, as large beads of sweat drips down his forehead.


Outside the mountain screams of anguish can be heard from deep inside as GREED tears the servant monster apart.

The mountain of Ilab is a towering wonder of nature oozing with volcanic activity, molten magma spilling from the top all the way to the foot of the mountain. On its sides are gargantuan mountains of equal size and topography. Altogether they formed a large barrier to the west that acts as both a protective barrier and cage. The rocky geography surrounding these mountains combined with the now barren infertile land stripped of all life by the monsters makes it the perfect staging ground for an invasion.

Hidden among the remaining foliage, almost a stone's throw away Hannah peeks out with her golden eyes at the army of monsters coming in and out of the mountain, she has never seen anything so hideous and disfigured in her life, flesh combined with machine, monsters made from plastic and oil — a sign of their true origin.

"There is no balance, no harmony and compassion in these creatures, they take without giving back. They take till there is nothing left then they move on to consume more. They act like they have no control over their basic instincts, very primal. They don these unnatural heavy metal armor over their hard bodies, and wield crude weapons made from ore mined within the mountains. They hunt the animals of the forest with a hunger that is insatiable. Nature cries out in rage. I must warn the others, the beasts must be awakened once more, let us hope there is still time."

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