Chapter 4:

Balance in All Things

Can there be light without darkness? Was it inevitable that the laws of entropy would create the first crack in the veil that separates the MetaTrees world from the real world? Together, we search for answers as we comfort each other in our hidden refuges. All we know is that dark, ravenous entities come crashing in through these portals. Like a giant wave of chaos, they blanket the land. Their malevolence seeps into the ancient soil that nurtures the trees and plants, spreading disease and devouring all living things.

The strong-willed were able to resist for a time, fighting with all their strength until the evil finally took hold of them like a virus. How can you win a fight when the enemy is inside you? When it feeds on your every desire, eating away at your logic, love, and hope. All that remains is a decaying, hollow shell with no thoughts and no empathy. Just a relentless drive for destruction.

During the final stage of the hostile takeover, the remaining specks of hope and empathy are snuffed out as the living being experiences a grotesque physical transformation. Cruel and painful, the evil deforms the host, turning it into something unnatural. An outer shell reflects the inner rage and darkness that drives the creature. Claws, teeth, and tails become disfigured and grossly exaggerated, changing into fighting machines with one purpose - annihilation.

The Tree Souls call these wretched creatures Primals because of their uncontrollable urge to devour everything in their path - primitive beings driven by hate. Even Though these Primals are strong and deadly, they lack intelligence and coordination.

That is, until now.

Recent reports indicate that the Primals may be evolving. Hordes have been gathering together, following what seems to be military leaders, unlike the Alpha Primals they previously obeyed. And even more concerning are the whispers we hear about higher forms of Primals existing in the shadows, hiding... biding their time for a purpose that's yet to be revealed.

For now, the main threats are the giant monstrosities that roam the land. Even the noblest and most powerful animals are unable to face these behemoths due to their sheer size and strength.
But we haven't lost hope yet. We believe in the magic of the old world. Magic rooted in nature. Magic that always finds a way to bring balance to all things.

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