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MetaTrees, a forest reserve scene, is the first sub-verse of the EktaVerse and the first creation game. MetaTrees focuses on planting trees and protecting rainforests, allowing Ekta to spearhead and support reforestation projects in the real world. With MetaTrees, each player and community member will help to establish a new economic order where trees serve as the core asset.

Players will create “compounds” in the MetaTrees game world by holding various NFT attributes (for example, Seed NFT + Land NFT = Tree NFT), allowing them to expand the main storyline. This means that players can use a Land NFT and combine it with a Seed NFT to create a Tree NFT. In order for a Tree NFT to grow, players need to care for their trees by watering and feeding them using Natural NFTs like Water NFTs and Carbon NFTs. However, it doesn’t stop there, as a Tree NFT starts to age, it boosts current features and unlocks new features. At a certain point the Tree starts minting $MTREE tokens which players can exchange for fiat currencies. Players can also stake Tree NFTs on the blockchain to get more Natural NFTs, allowing them to continue expanding their gamespace. From here, the other features of the Tree NFT allow players to expand and create Seed NFTs for a new generation of TREE NFTs. With the emergence of more plots and rarer attribute NFTs, there will be more opportunities to create digital wealth in the game and support reforestation projects in the real world.

The first step in your journey is to download and install the game client on your phone or personal computer. Next, install and connect your MetaMask wallet to purchase the MetaTree NFTs needed to play the game.

Here are official links to help guide you:

Windows PC Game Client: Coming Soon
Mac OS Game Client:Coming Soon
Android Game Client:Coming Soon
IOS Game Client:Coming Soon
MetaMask Wallet:
MetaTrees Official Website:

The easiest way to get your MetaTrees tokens is through the official Ekta NFT Marketplace. Here you can buy, sell and trade your NFTs using our user-friendly interface that is fast and secure.

Ekta NFT Marketplace: Coming soon (Q1 2023)

For all the latest news, visit our website and join our various communities. We make it a point to always keep our channels updated with the latest news and updates regarding MetaTrees.

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A comprehensive write-up about the game can be found in our whitepaper. It contains loads of information about the game origins, mission, vision, game mechanics, tokens, technology, roadmap, team, advisors, partners and community.

Official Whitepaper

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Once planted, Seed NFTs go through seven (7) changes as they sprout and begin to grow. Seeds need to be watered (Water NFT) and fed (Carbon NFT) daily in order to mature. The amount of Water NFTs and Carbon NFTs a tree needs may increase as it grows and matures. It takes six (6) days for a Seed NFT to fully mature and if left unattended for too long, the seed may stop growing and eventually die.

As trees grow older, they gain value and become more powerful. All Tree NFTs fully mature after 720 days after which they stop growing altogether. At this point the Tree NFT will be linked to the physical world, allowing players to positively impact the real world.

In order to breed, a player will need two (2) mature trees and $MTREE tokens. During the breeding process, an $MTREE token and one (1) Tree NFT is burned. In return, the player will receive the chance to produce either a hybrid or a normal seed. Hybrid trees are new, unique trees with higher production output and seeding rates.

Note that there is a very low chance for your breeding to fail and produce no seed at all.

Seeding is an automated process wherein a tree spontaneously creates a seed without the need for breeding. The process is totally random but requires a tree to be in good health. Hybrid trees generally have higher seeding rates than other trees.

The Ekta NFT Marketplace is also a good source of seeds.

If cared for daily, Trees produce $MTREE tokens which players can harvest. Harvesting refers to the act of claiming your $MTREE tokens which you can then use for the many other features of the game.

$MTREE tokens are ERC-20 tokens used in MetaTrees gameplay. The $MTREE token is the main form of currency on the platform itself.

The $EKTA token is the native token of EktaChain as well as the ERC-20 token used in the EktaVerse. It will be the main form of currency in the EktaVerse while also granting holders governance voting power. $EKTA can be used to purchase $MTREE tokens. The total supply of $EKTA has been fixed at 420,000,000 tokens.

You can purchase these tokens here:

MEXC Global:

Community Links:
Official Facebook Page:
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Our primary focus is on creating a fun, interactive game while incorporating NFT and blockchain elements. The game’s foundation is smart and flexible for simplified integration of new technological innovations in the Web3 realm.

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