Base Building

As the darkness spreads across the land, you realize that you can no longer remain an observer. It is your duty to restore the natural balance that is now under threat from the Primals.
Build your grove into a powerful fortress. The forest spirits have come out to lend you a hand.

Plant Power

Use different seeds to plant and grow special plants. Enjoy growing limitless variations of plants and create unique combinations that contain rare properties.
Use these special recipes to feed the Elemental Beasts of the forest. Make sure those quirky forest ghosts are working diligently by giving them a gentle nudge.

Elemental Beasts

Your Elemental Beast starts out almost shapeless, a specter glowing with limitless mythical energy, ready to be harnessed. You will be the one to determine the evolution of your companion depending on the types of plants you feed it. And remember to feed them an apple seed during breeding season to encourage them to multiply. Want to upgrade your Elemental Beasts? Combine two to unlock powerful new beasts. As a sign of gratitude, these animals will help you in your quest to restore the land. With their help, you can go to battle and save the future of Gili.

Restore Balance

Because of the destruction and imbalance caused by these monstrosities, Energy Crystals now grow from the ground. All living forces need these crystals to survive. Together with your spirit animals, you shall embark on perilous journeys to retrieve these items and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Clear the monsters eating the crystals, then let the forest ghosts harvest and store them safely. Defend your group during harvesting. Use consumables and relics to help your group in long fights.

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