Hexa Puzzle Blocks — MetaTrees’ first mini game is now live!

Admin | August 31, 2022


HEXA Puzzle blocks will be one of the mini-games in MetaTrees Game. And it’s going to be our first Week’s activity for the MTlympics!

Week 1: August 30, 2022-September 6, 2022
Teams will compete for the best scores in HEXA puzzle blocks, and the winners will be selected based on the Total score; then it will be translated for the team’s points at the end of the second week.


  • 10 Primal Horrors Allowlist spots for the top 10
  • $500 USDT pool for the top 10


  1. Download HEXA Puzzle Blocks here (or play it on the website). Available for windows, Android or on your browser.
  2. Start solving the Puzzle blocks.
  3. Take screenshots of your total stars count (all levels; Beginner, Advanced, Expert, Master)
  4. Make sure to write your Discord ID in the screenshot with the tag # number (e.g., MetaTrees#4504)
  5. Share your screenshots in your team’s Discord channel: ?┃foresters, ?┃resource-providers, ?┃landlords
  6. Post your First and Last entry on Twitter (to prevent cheating) using the Hashtags #MTlympics #NFTcommunity #minigames #NFTgames before Tuesday, September 6, 2022 10:00 PM

The total amount of stars will determine the winners.

May the best team win!

Join our Discord to participate in the MTlympics!

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