How to Generate Passive Income through the Ekta Ecosystem

Admin | September 2, 2022

The idea of earning passive income is not new, especially not in the world of crypto. Thanks to projects like Ekta, growing your financial wealth with minimal effort is now more of a reality than ever before. When the founders first established Ekta, they utilized cutting-edge blockchain technology to build a foundation that would allow for the development of sustainable passive income projects. We’ll discuss three of these projects in this article:

  • Ekta Portal
  • MetaTrees P2E
  • Staking

Ekta Portal

One of the issues that the crypto industry faces, is the complicated and intimidating onboarding process for people with limited technical skills and knowledge. This is why Ekta created the Ekta Portal, a user-friendly mini computer that allows users to earn passive income for up to 10 years. Once the first batch of Ekta Portals is activated, a rewards pool of 10,000 $EKTA tokens is emitted to operators daily, no matter how many operators are connected. The intuitive touchscreen interface makes it easy for anyone to earn rewards and improves privacy, censorship resistance, uptime, and decentralization of the network. In addition to providing users with access to passive income, the Ekta Portal also grants operators guaranteed access to exclusive Ekta NFTs and auto whitelists them for all initial offerings on EktaChain.

To learn more, visit


The past two years have seen a sharp rise of Web3 games, most with unsustainable tokenomics and basic, dull gameplay. So when the MetaTrees team initially started ideation, they were determined to create a new and improved play-to-earn game that:

  • introduced a fun and exciting gaming experience to the play-to-earn industry
  • ensured long-term, sustainable tokenomics
  • helped raise awareness of climate change and the human population’s impact on the environment.

MetaTrees aims to set the benchmark for future Web3 games, where true gamers can enjoy immersive gaming while earning through in-game NFTs as an added bonus. Players can choose from one of three roles when playing the game:

  • Forester
  • Resource provider
  • Landlord

Each of these roles holds unique perks and benefits, but when it comes to earning passive income, being a Landlord holds the most potential. As a Landlord, you will lease your Land NFTs to other players in exchange for $MTREE tokens, the official in-game token. Land NFTs are used to plant seeds and trees and are a pivotal part of the game. By leasing Land NFTs, other players get access to your resources to help them progress in the game, while you earn tokens through your in-game contract with them.

To learn more about MetaTrees and the game’s tokenomics, visit the website, or read the white paper.


Staking is a relatively new blockchain technology where token holders lock up a set amount of their tokens for a specified period in order to support a mainnet and confirm transactions. By staking, you’re making your $EKTA tokens work for you by simply committing to a staking pool.

Ekta recently opened a new one-month staking pool where users can earn up to 6% APR, an amazing number compared to the average 0.06% you would earn from a savings account at a traditional bank. These high-earning staking pools are yet another way Ekta helps you earn passive income while you sleep. Note that once you have staked and locked your $EKTA, you will not be able to withdraw the tokens before the end of the lockup period. Once the lockup period ends, users will be able to withdraw their $EKTA or stake it again.

To stake your $EKTA tokens, visit

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