July 2022 — Ekta Monthly Highlights

Admin | August 3, 2022

The year is officially halfway through and yet, things at Ekta are only starting to heat up. This month saw Ekta take one step closer to the Ekta Portal NFT mint date. We also launched our new ambassador program and MetaTrees launched its all-new website. Here are all the details:

  1. Product Updates
  2. Community Corner

Product updates

The Ekta Portal Public Presale

The last of our presales went live on 14 July. The Ekta Portal Public Presale opens the doors for everyone who whitelisted, allowing them to get in on this groundbreaking product for the discounted price of $600. If you haven’t bought your Ekta Portal NFT yet, head over to portal.ekta.io now, time is running out!

And just in case you missed it, here’s why you should get your hands on the Ekta Portal NFT:

New MetaTrees Website Launch

Over the past couple of months, the MetaTrees team has been hard at work creating stunning art and a gripping storyline for Ekta’s play-to-earn game. After hours of ideating with over-caffeinated minds, they were able to create a website that captures the heart and soul of Gili. Check out the website here and stay tuned for more MetaTrees news coming soon.

Unstoppable Domains

During July, Ekta partnered with NFT domain creator, Unstoppable Domains to give back to our community. The promotion allowed Ektarians to mint a free NFT domain which also serves as a cryptocurrency address and login to the decentralized web. To stay up to date on more promotions and partnerships from Ekta, join us on Discord and Telegram, and follow us on Twitter.

Community Corner

Ekta Ambassador Program

Ekta has launched its first official ambassador program and we’ve already received 300 applications which we will be monitoring and following up on! The Ekta Ambassador Program is looking for true degens who believe in Ekta’s mission and vision and who want to champion our cause to the world. All ambassadors will play a crucial role in developing our community and brand, so if this sounds like a project you would be interested in, read the full article here and submit your entry here.

7000 Twitter Followers

The Ekta Twitter channel keeps on growing! With 7000 followers now engaged with all things Ekta, we can’t wait for what comes next. Our Twitter is alive with chatter, ideas, and… Twitter Spaces. If you want to meet the team and other like-minded people, be sure to follow us at @EktaChain and join our weekly Spaces where we talk about the future of Ekta, current happenings in the crypto industry, and generally, just have fun.

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