June 2022 — Ekta Monthly Highlights

Admin | July 2, 2022

June has been a busy but exciting month for us at Ekta. Thank you for all your support and for sharing your enthusiasm with us — we’re both humbled and grateful and we’re committed to bringing you real-world, asset-backed blockchain solutions. Here’s what happened:

  1. Ekta News
  2. Product Updates
  3. Community Corner

Ekta News

New York-based VC firm, Global Emerging Markets (GEM) commits to investment in Ekta

Our vision and mission were heard loud and clear by VCs from the other side of the world. GEM committed to invest USD $60 million into our Bali-based company and we’re grateful to have this platform to bring our solution to the world.

Missed the article? Read it here.

Product Updates

Announcing The Ekta Portal Node and NFT

The first of the two scheduled Ekta Portal presales is set to launch on 7 July. If you’ve staked 1,000 $EKTA or more, we’ve got great news! You’ll be able to purchase the Ekta Portal for an exclusive Ektarian price of $500! That $150 off on the public sale price. Whitelist at portal.ekta.io/whitelist

And for those who plan to pay in $EKTA but have staked less than 1,000 $EKTA, you can get your Ekta Portal for a discounted price of $600, saving you $50. Don’t miss out, get your name on the whitelist at portal.ekta.io/whitelist

For everyone who would like to purchase an Ekta Portal NFT but does not hold $EKTA, stay tuned. We’ll have news and updates for you soon.

Whitelist now to ensure your eligibility for presale discounts.

In case you missed it, the Ekta Portal is a hardware end-point that allows you to earn from a 10,000 $EKTA daily rewards pool, regardless of how many Ekta Portals are operational. Have a look at the table below for a detailed explanation of the rewards system.

Interested to know more? Visit the website and whitelist via this link.

MetaTrees Makeover

The MetaTrees team is excited to share the game’s new direction in two key aspects: the game genre and art style. For the gameplay, we’re shifting MetaTrees from a straightforward farming game to a real-time strategy (RTS) game. More news on that in the future. Additionally, our amazing art team is working on a new style and general look of Ekta’s self-developed Plant-to-Earn game. We’ve shared a couple of teasers on our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) so follow us to peek into the creative process behind all our character creation.

Ekta NFT Marketplace under construction

Next up we’ve got news on the Ekta NFT Marketplace. Our in-house NFT Marketplace is under construction and is yet another crucial part of the Ekta Ecosystem.The Ekta NFT Marketplace allows you to buy, sell, and swap both digital and real-world assets brought on-chain, merging true utility with blockchain functionality. More on this soon so stay tuned.

Community Corner

What happened to our Twitter?

We hit FIVE THOUSAND followers on Twitter!

Thank you for engaging, sharing and interacting with us on Twitter. We’re grateful to hear all your stories, receive your feedback and share in your passion for our shared vision.

If you don’t follow us yet, click here.

Twitter Spaces + Giveaways

On the topic of Twitter, we’ve held so many spaces we might turn into an aerospace company! During the month of June, we’ve given away over $20,000 worth of $EKTA, Portal NFTs as well as $UPR tokens to our community. Haven’t won anything yet? Come and join our weekly spaces and find out how you can win.

Discord Relaunch

We recently relaunched the Ekta Discord channel. Join us to become a member of the Ekta community and partake in giveaways, competitions, news, updates and more.


And that’s all the news we have for you today! June was a busy month for us in the lead-up to the Ekta Portal presale and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for July.

Here are some things to look out for:

  • Ekta NFT Marketplace
  • MetaTrees
  • Bali Mastermind
  • More Ekta Portal news

Our Other Blog Posts

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  3. Next week we speak with Ekta CEO, Berwin Tanco and find out how his journey led him to Ekta. Subscribe to our medium page to stay updated!

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