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Admin | September 29, 2022

Things are stirring in the land of Gili with our developers reporting bright sparks and amazing expansions ✨ So to dispel the rumors that the Primals may be spreading, and to bring you an accurate account of all the happenings, here is an update straight from the Mushroom Network ?

  1. MTlympics — which team are you on?
  2. HexaPuzzle — the first MetaTrees mini-game
  3. PFP mints — get your personal avatars filled with utility
  4. Elemental Beast fan art winners
  5. Game mechanics sneak peek

MTLympics — which team are you on?

Nothing says “unbreakable spirit” like having a major sports event in times of darkness. The MetaTrees residents have gathered in Discord for our first ever MTlympic ? Here’s a quick breakdown of the event:

  • There will be 6 rounds starting from Aug 30
  • To enter, join our MetaTrees Discord
  • You can choose to be part of the team Forester, Resource Provider, or the Landlords
  • There are amazing prizes up for grabs like $EKTA, access to the Primal Horror allowlist, and access to the Genesis Pack allowlist.

We’re already in week 2 of the event but it’s not too late for you to join. Go to MetaTrees Discord for more info now!

HexaPuzzle — the first MetaTrees mini-game

On 31 August, we launched our first official MetaTrees mini game — HexaPuzzle!

As the name implies, HexaPuzzle requires players to solve puzzles ? Put your brain to the test as you fit Hexa blocks into different spaces. The MTlympics is hosting HexaBlock events where your team competes against the other groups. The event will test the mind and mettle of the Foresters, Resource Providers, and Landlords as they race against the clock to claim glory and rewards ?

PFP mints — Get your personal avatar and in-game skins

The Primal Horrors are getting bolder, no longer simply creeping in the shadows, but materializing as PFPs (and you can own one…lol) ? But they’re not the only ones making an appearance as PFPs, the mushroom network has also spotted a new phenomenon… mutated plant PFPs, a bad omen for all in Gili.

Luckily, we’re also in contact with creators of the Trees Soul PFPs, gathering forces and gearing up for some epic battles ⚔️ Each collection comes with tons of in-game and real-world utility and is curated to cater to the gaming community.

To be one of the first to own one of these unique MetaTrees PFPs, stay tuned on Twitter and Discord and whitelist on the upcoming sales!

Elemental Beast fan art winners

Last month we hosted the first MetaTrees fan art competition where we asked our fans to create a new breed of Elemental Beasts ? We received a ton of amazing entries but ultimately we could only choose six winners. So if you missed it, here are the winners and some of the art:

Top 3 Winners (Popsicle Party NFT + Genesis Pack Allowlist):

  • JezzaJen
  • CelticHizz
  • Nazareth

Genesis Pack Allowlist Winners:

  • MizTomato
  • July|Jungle
  • Lady f Ektarian

Game mechanics sneak peek

The MetaTrees team recently gained two new members — Mardelyn and Norman aka 3D artists extraordinaires. ?

They have been hard at work to deliver the first 3D animated sneak peek of the MetaTrees game mechanics ?

Don’t miss it, join our MetaTrees Twitter and Discord channels for the latest whispers from our buzzing Mushroom Network.

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