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Admin | August 5, 2022

“The balance has been broken. A darkness rises from the shadows. We hear it in the whispers of the winds, in the crashing waters, and in the rumblings of the earth that we tread upon.”

The MetaTrees story begins in the magical land of Gili, named after the real-world Ekta Island, Gili Gede, just off the coast of Bali. With his many years of experience in the gaming industry, MetaTrees Sr Product Manager Mikey Beuncamino spearheaded the ideation of the MetaTrees world. With his leadership, it was clear that the team would not simply be creating another elementary play-to-earn game. The goal was to design a fully immersive gaming experience that merges the innovative technology of Web3 with a simple, elegant and entertaining experience.

NFTs had opened up exciting new opportunities for game developers, but with this emerging technology came an onslaught of low-quality play-to-earn games. Every week saw the emergence of a new “game”, and every week revealed its flaws. From inflationary tokenomics to oversimplified gameplay, it quickly became apparent that the industry required more growth and innovation to deliver a gaming experience that was both sustainable and fun.

In order to identify existing issues and not fall victim to the same pitfalls as other games currently on the market, the MetaTrees team dedicated months to doing extensive research. They also looked beyond the gameplay and tokenomics toward the problems we collectively face, like deforestation, global warming, and financial inequality.

By consulting experts and approaching the problems from a solution-oriented perspective, they were able to develop a blockchain game with the potential to improve lives and help tackle deforestation. The result was a cutting-edge blockchain RTS game with immersive gameplay.

MetaTrees is about the perennial concept of good versus evil, where brave and righteous beings fight against insurmountable odds to protect the natural world.

The foundational idea of the game is based on the necessity of balance in the natural world. MetaTrees draws from many real-life scenarios to help shed light on the prevailing issues and to educate gamers through an enjoyable and interactive experience.

The game will be built using Unity, a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. Thanks to the platform’s built-in versatility, Unity will enable MetaTrees to launch on several platforms while maximizing the full potential of flagship smartphones.

As part of the goal to create real-world impact, the MetaTrees team is cultivating partnerships with Verified Carbon Unit vendors and other Web2 companies that focus on tree planting. And with the launch, MetaTrees aims to have the most robust real-world planting features in any game.

The combination of stunning art, entertaining gameplay, innovative blockchain technology, and an altruistic cause, sets MetaTrees apart from any other game. And it’s worth it to get involved.

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