MTlympics: Gaming Snippets Competition

Admin | September 7, 2022

MTlympics Round 1 Week 2 is here! From September 6-13, 2022, we’re having the Gaming Snippets competition. Teams will compete for the best scores in posting gaming snippets that can be snippets of gameplay, funny gaming moments, nice kills, awkward streaming moment, etc. If it’s gaming related, you can post it.


  1. Post gaming snippets on our Discord in the ?┃gaming-snippets channel
  2. Each gaming snippet post with two emoji reactions from the community will be counted as 1 point
  3. Every additional emojis to the 2 will be considered extra points the first slot emoji only
  4. Post some of the gaming snippets on Twitter using the hashtags #MTlympics #SnippetsCompetition #NFTCommunity #NFTs (any Snippets posted on Twitter will be counted as 4 points if the poster is also active on ?┃gaming-snippets )

Winners will be selected based on the accumulated points and the scores will translate to the Round score.

Week 2 Prizes

The top 10 will be given Primal Horror NFT Allowlist spots.

After the second week’s activity, the first Round prizes will be distributed.

Round Prizes:

  • Primal Horror NFT Allowlist spots will be raffled between the members of the winning team
  • 3 Genesis Pack Allowlist spots will be awarded to the Top 3 of the first team
  • 100 $EKTA will be raffled between the top 2 from the 3 teams (6 members)

The total amount of points will determine the winners.

May the best team win!

Join our Discord to participate in the MTlympics!

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