MTlympics Round 5

Admin | November 5, 2022

The previous rounds of MTlympics were amazing and we’ve seen a lot of new participants. Amazing job from all the teams and congratulations to the Foresters!

The Leaderboard

  1. Foresters – 565 points
  2. Resource Providers – 251 points
  3. Landlords – 39 points

Round 5

Round 5 started on October 28th with its first activity done and second activity starting today:

First Week Prizes:

  • The top 20 were given Primal Horror NFT Allowlist

Second Week Prizes:

  • The top 20 will be given Primal Horror NFT Allowlist

Round 5 Prizes: (accumulated points from the two weeks)

  • 10 Primal Horror NFT Allowlist spots will be raffled between the members of the winning team
  • 3 Genesis Pack Allowlist spots will be awarded to the Top 3 of the first team
  • 200 $EKTA will be raffled between the top 2 from the 3 teams (6 members)

Week 1: Meme Contest

On the first game the community engaged in a meme contest through the hashtags #MetaTrees and #MetaMeme on Twitter

Week 2: Talent Show

The community is going to show off its Talents on Twitter using the hashtags #MetaTrees #Metatalents #MTlympics

Good luck, Gamers!

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