Q1 2022:

Planning & Ideation

Brainstorming and hatching the perfect plan to help the environment and the community as well. Meeting with a lot of industry experts to strategize the best approach.

Q2 2022:


Simulation of game mechanics to make sure that the economics is sound. Ramping up our team members building the best support system for our future gamers.

Q3 2022:

Gathering of like minded individuals and gamers who share our passion for NFT gaming and love for the natural world around us. Join the many events and activities we have instore for our beloved players.

Q4 2022:

NFT Sale

Your first shot at building your Metatrees NFT collection. We will MINT PFP Tokens as part of our initial offering. Followed by the sale of our Genesis Packs.

Genesis Pack

Our game starter pack that contains land & seed NFTs

Ekta NFT Launch

No NFT game is truly complete without its own marketplace. Metatrees will have both in-game and on-chain marketplace to serve a thriving economy.

Q1 2023:

Game Release

Ready your shovels, and put on those gloves as we start our planting! Game servers open, and everyone can join the fun!

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